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Title:Apply for a career aiding Veterans and their caregivers

Author:VAntage Point Contributor

Date:February 2022

Source:VAntage Point Contributor © 2022, Reprinted with permission

Volume:Volume 3 Issue 184

We don't just serve those who have served at VA — we're also making it part of our mission to support the caregivers who are essential to their recovery.

As caring for Veterans who need supervision or help with daily living can take a toll on their caregivers, we're hiring social workers, nurses, psychologists, legal professionals and others across the country to support our Caregiver Support Program (CSP).

At the Elizabeth Dole Foundation's Sixth Annual National Convening on Oct. 29, VA Secretary Denis McDonough spoke about VA's efforts to prioritize caregivers.

"I know that at times, throughout VA's history, caregivers have been overlooked," he said. "Or not included. Or not appreciated for the back-breaking work they do and the incredible service that they provide. But I'm here today to say, to any caregiver watching, that those days are over. Let me repeat: those days are over."

Ease the burden

CSP is designed to relieve some of the stress of full-time caregiving responsibilities. The program offers help with the myriad of issues that caregivers face, such as understanding diagnoses, providing palliative care, managing stress and communicating personal needs.

Working with CSP, you can help manage and provide the resources these caregivers so desperately need. In this role, you might:

  • Work directly with caregivers and Veterans to identify and assess caregiver stress/burden
  • Conduct home visits to Veterans and caregivers receiving VA support
  • Advise and collaborate with interdisciplinary teams throughout the medical center on caregiver issues
  • Create and distribute educational tools, develop programs and implement training focused on specific caregiver needs/issues
  • Develop and facilitate caregiver support groups and educational programs

To be a part of our program to support caregivers, apply to the hundreds of available positions for social workers, nurses and other professionals.

Enjoy our benefits

Beyond the chance to support our nation's heroes and the caregivers that help them daily, a VA career offers numerous rewards.

We provide generous benefits, such as competitive pay, high-quality insurance plans, educational benefits like student loan forgiveness, and the ability to enroll in the Federal Employees Retirement System. You'll also receive 11 paid federal holidays, 13 sick days, and 13 to 26 days of paid annual leave.

Because VA is the largest health care system in the country, you can work in a variety of care settings anywhere in the country — including at the beach, in a big city or in a rural area.

Work at VA

Help us help Veterans and their caregivers by applying now.

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