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Title:Disabled Veterans National Foundation Supports Legislation to Allow Veterans with Certain Military Training to Bypass Job Training or Certification Requirements

Author:Disabled Veterans National Foundation

Date:April 2012

Source:Disabled Veterans National Foundation

Volume:Volume 3 Issue 69

The Disabled Veterans National Foundation is endorsing the Veterans Skills To Jobs Act, which streamlines the bureaucratic processes for Veterans with relevant training so they can get jobs more quickly when returning home from serving in the armed forces.

The law, HR 4155, directs the heads of federal departments and agencies to treat relevant military training as sufficient to satisfy training/certification requirements for federal license, to get Veterans back to work quickly. Congressman Jeff Denham of California, who served for 16 years in the U.S. Air Force and fought in Operation Desert Storm in Iraq and Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, introduced the bill March 8.

Currently, many Veterans are hampered by licensing/certification requirements, delaying their opportunities to get jobs upon returning home from duty.

"Many Veterans have training and expertise that isn't recognized as meeting the job requirements by the federal government or civilian employers," said Raegan Rivers, Chief Administrative Officer of DVNF. "Allowing Veterans to match their expertise in the field to training or certification requirements at home would help many military heroes get the jobs they deserve. DVNF supports this legislation for that reason."

Seven states have passed laws to expedite the licensing of transitioning Veterans, including Washington, Virginia and Utah. All of these states' laws require state licensing boards to take into account relevant military training when issuing licenses, and all of them determined that the legislation would entail no additional costs.

The American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States also announced their support for the Veterans Skills to Jobs Act.

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