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Title:Syracuse Technology Certification program gaining momentum

Date:December 2012

Source:Syracuse University

Volume:Volume 3 Issue 77

Registration is already underway for the April start of the next Veterans Technology Program (VTP) through Syracuse University. This program is designed to enable veterans to create development plans specific to their personal skill sets, interests, and goals. The VTP is open to all post-9/11 veterans, employed or unemployed, with a minimum of a high school diploma. It is made up of four certificates, with courses delivered entirely online, so veterans can participate from any location at anytime.

The first VTP class in July, 2011 had 17 students. The seventh class, starting next month, will have close to 100. Dan Cohen, a former Army Captain and now Associate Director of Employer Relations — Veterans Advising, heads up the VTP at Syracuse. "The flexibility of the course curriculum means veterans with a high school diploma are working to attain the same certifications as veterans with a Master's Degree," said Cohen. "Enlisted personnel, Warrant officers, even Colonels have come through the VTP."

VTP participates can earn a variety of IT industry certifications, including Oracle, Cisco, and Microsoft Certifications. Other certifications include Program Management and Business Analyst. Students can either go through all three certification paths, or choose a specific certification. It takes about six-weeks, on average, to complete the initial certification according to Cohen. The second certification, Microsoft Office 2012, take about three-weeks to complete. At that point students, in consultation with their Academic Advisor, determine the best path to take. Once coursework is complete, the VTP program offers practice exams for many courses and even pays for the student to take the actual certification test. Cohen says the certifications aren't a substitute for a college education. But, he adds having a certification from a well-respected university like Syracuse is still something very special.

While 100 students are expected in the January, 2013 class, Cohen says the VTP still has room to grow. He says at current funding levels, a grant from JP Morgan Chase, the quarterly class size could grow to 250. To learn more about the VTP and apply go to

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