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Title:Ten VA jobs that are open to the public right now

Author:VAntage Point Contributor

Date:February 2022

Source:VAntage Point Contributor © 2022, Reprinted with permission

Volume:Volume 3 Issue 184

While we at VA often highlight career options for transitioning military personnel and Veterans, did you know that we also have a number of vacant positions that are open to the public?

As long as you're a U.S. citizen, you can apply to jobs that are considered "open to the public." Anyone, including current federal employees or those eligible for a different hiring path, can apply to these jobs.

Right now, over 3,000 vacant positions across VA are open to the public. Let's take a look at some of the jobs you can apply for to begin your VA career.


A VA chiropractor makes adjustments to the body to restore joint and related soft tissue function. As with all of our treatments, this approach to health care is holistic, stressing the patient's overall well-being. You may combine your care with other forms of treatment depending on the patient's specific needs.


Our dermatologists meet with and treat Veterans in a variety of settings, including outpatient clinics. In addition to performing minor procedures, you'll also answer patient questions and educate Veterans and their caregivers about different treatments and therapies.

Medical Records Technicians

Responsible for the overall quality and completeness of clinical documentation, medical records technicians are skilled in classifying data from patient health records in our medical centers and care facilities. A core aspect of this job is examining patient records with an eye toward improving documentation processes.

Medical Support Assistants

Medical support assistants are tasked with receiving and indexing health and administrative information. They use a variety of data systems to schedule patients for appointments, including interpreting and verifying provider orders in accordance with our scheduling guidelines.


One of several positions with a regular, ongoing need is that of nurses, who play a crucial role in Veterans' long-term, holistic health. You'll collaborate across disciplines and treatment settings with medical teams and other community resources to help coordinate the full spectrum of patient care.


At VA, an optometrist oversees clinical eye exams and may prescribe optical or electronic devices to help Veterans. As a trained eye care specialist, you may also perform diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative procedures to manage vision problems and performance.


Physicians of all disciplines are a long-term need at VA, with countless positions open across our more than 1,200 facilities. Our variety of care environments, research prospects and educational support gives you limitless room to grow and advance in your career.

Police Officer

If you want to help Veterans but don't have health care experience, you may be interested in a VA law enforcement career. VA police officers have varied duties that benefit not only Veterans but also the communities they live in, serving as an active federal police force in and around our facilities.


At VA, we understand the unique challenges Veterans face when returning home and transitioning back to civilian life. Our staff psychologists expertly tailor treatment plans that meet patients where they are, ease their symptoms and help them achieve wholeness.

Social workers

Social work at VA focuses on recovery, coordinating care that empowers Veterans and their families to take charge of their well-being and pursue fuller lives. From counseling and emergency services to telemedicine, our social workers do what it takes to help Veterans reclaim their mental and emotional freedom.

Which jobs are open to the public?

When you begin your search on USA Jobs, select the "Open to the public" filter. Your results will display all available jobs.

You can also look inside each individual job announcement. In the "This job is open to..." section, you'll find that a job open to the public will display the "public" icon, which looks like three small figures in white against a circle of blue.

Work at VA

All these roles, and others like them, are important to VA and the Veterans we serve. Browse these job listings and more as your first step toward a career at VA.

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