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Hot Jobs and Hot Locations

By Barbara Adams, CPRW, CEIP, CMRC, CFRW
www.militaryresumewriters.com and www.careerproplus.com

The federal government continues to hire at a torrid pace according to a recent study by Aon Consulting and Monster Government Solutions. Why? To replace the baby boomers that are beginning to retire en masse, to fill... Read More

Automation to Improve Post-9/11 GI Bill Processing

By Donna Miles, American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, April 9, 2010 – With 153,000 veterans enrolled in the Post-9/11 GI Bill this semester, and new automation tools to arrive this month to improve processing procedures, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki declared the program... Read More

Navy Tuition Assistance Transactions Shift to 100% WebTA

By Susan Lawson, Center for Personal and Professional Development Public Affairs

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (NNS) -- All Navy Tuition Assistance (TA) transactions will soon shift to an entirely online process accessible through the Navy College Program Web site's WebTA portal. Sailors applying for tuition assistance will be required to use WebTA to process all applications beginning... Read More

Army donates computers to educate children on unexploded ordnance

by Joseph Bonfiglio

FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii (April 9, 2010) -- Sen. Daniel K. Inouye, other veterans and officials from the Army visited students on the Waianae Coast April 1, to see first-hand how they are using computers donated by the Army to increase their safety and knowledge about unexploded ordnance. Read More

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Hot Jobs and Hot Locations

By Barbara Adams, CPRW, CEIP, CMRC, CFRW
www.militaryresumewriters.com and www.careerproplus.com

The federal government continues to hire at a torrid pace according to a recent study by Aon Consulting and Monster Government Solutions. Why? To replace the baby boomers that are beginning to retire en masse, to fill the ever-increasing need for qualified national security workers and professionals, and employment consideration for our veterans. Of the 600,000 new hires anticipated between now and the end of 2012, nearly half will be considered mission-critical. The total figure to be hired represents about one-third of the overall federal workforce—in other words, there is a huge turnover of talent in progress right now and you could be part of it.

It sounds like a lot of hiring and possibly smacks of wasteful government spending, but in historical terms, even with all the new hiring the federal workforce at the end of 2012 will actually be smaller than what it was in 1967, according to Max Stier, Executive Director of the Partnership for Public Service, from the article in govcentral.monster.com. (Read Article)

Among the biggest growth agencies is the Department of Homeland Security, where over 65,000 openings are forecasted. Another large opportunity will be found with the Department of Veterans Affairs, where over 48,000 jobs will be filled to support a huge increase in the administration of benefits. Anyone having recently dealt with the VA for benefit services can attest to this need.

The study shows other large growth areas, including over 54,000 positions in medical and public health agencies, 52,000 jobs in security and protective services, 31,000 openings in compliance and enforcement, 23,000 opportunities in legal areas, and 17,000 positions in administration and program management.

Hot Jobs

The hottest professions are for attorneys, paralegals, human resource professionals (many mission-critical roles), biological and science experts, border patrol agents, customs officers, food inspectors, compliance staff, tax examiners, accountants, auditors, and engineers. In fact, there are about 2,000 total job types open at any given time. A quick search on www.usajobs.gov will reveal some 30,000 current openings, and it’s a simple process to locate job types or locations with the robust search tools provided.

Lucrative opportunities are found in the Senior Executive Service, the highest career level of government where savvy leaders bring talent and vision to positions reporting to cabinet-level organizations. In addition, retiring or separating military members often search out second careers in the federal government to take advantage of their excellent training and, in almost all cases, their veteran’s preference in the hiring process.

Hot Locations

More than 85% of federal jobs are located outside of Washington, D.C. The states with the highest number of federal employees are: California, Virginia, Texas, Maryland, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, New York, Washington, and Ohio. Many jobs also feature overseas locations for those seeking a change of scenery or perhaps a bit more excitement in their career.

Huge Interest

With the repressed economy, competition for federal jobs is at an all-time high, meaning that the federal government has a unique chance to hire some of the best talent available at a time when the country needs supremely qualified workers and professionals to steer agencies through tough times. That should not discourage anyone from applying, however. It does take time and patience to properly apply for federal jobs, and most agencies are very methodical about their hiring process—translation: it could take months to hear back on an application and the overall hiring process may seem maddeningly slow, but to their credit most agencies are exceedingly thorough and overtly fair in their evaluations and hiring. If you are a worthy candidate and you properly apply for a vacancy, you stand an excellent chance of being considered for the position.

Hidden Value

Some federal government jobs offer recruitment bonuses to attract the best of the best, with figures of $10,000 to $60,000 not unheard of, as well as repayment of student loans. In most cases, a commitment of several years’ service will be required to secure the bonus or repayment.

Not Rocket Science

Although NASA may actually need rocket scientists, you don’t have to be one in order to get the attention of hiring managers. Above all—and not surprisingly—the ability to speak and write clearly and effectively is consistently in demand. The “new” federal government is looking for visionary leadership, strength of character, and initiative. When applying for a position, these traits must be baked into your application.

Yes, but...

There’s always a "but", isn’t there? The "but" in this case is that applying for a federal job, even for entry-level positions, can seem overly complicated. There are several different application formats and methods depending on the hiring agency, and they all have different requirements for content, text character size, and composition. Many require extensive narrative responses to experience and skill questions. All are screened by computer software that searches for key words and skills, and your application must be geared to both pass the computer screening and be supremely readable and compelling for the hiring or human resources manager. Failing to meet the basic requirements for size, structure, and extras (DD-214, college transcripts, etc.) automatically gets your application the boot. No bending of the rules; no give and take. It’s strict, but like we said before, the process is eminently and ultimately fair.

Where to turn

Many potential applicants choose to employ the professional services of seasoned resume writers with significant experience creating successful federal government resumes and applications. For a modest investment—in many cases, less than the amount of one paycheck over a long and fruitful government career—a truly qualified resume service pays for itself many times over. Many try on their own, and have ultimately sought the resources and insight offered by companies such as CareerPro Global and its team of certified writers. With an ISO 9000 design process, in business since 1986, CareerPro stands alone among the nation’s best resume writing companies, and is ready to help with your federal government resume or military transition resume project.


Automation to Improve Post-9/11 GI Bill Processing

By Donna Miles, American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, April 9, 2010 – With 153,000 veterans enrolled in the Post-9/11 GI Bill this semester, and new automation tools to arrive this month to improve processing procedures, Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric K. Shinseki declared the program "on track" and headed toward greater efficiency.

Shinseki acknowledged during an interview with American Forces Press Service that the Post-9/11 GI Bill got off to a rocky start after it took effect Aug. 1.

He said he was surprised when many colleges and universities took months to submit the student enrollment certificates VA needed to begin cutting checks to the schools as well as enrollees.

"They must be well-endowed," he said of schools that covered the up-front costs of students' tuition, room and board without seeking prompt reimbursement. "But because I don't have that certificate, I haven't paid them tuition. But neither have I paid kids their monthly living stipend or their books, because they are all tied together."

By the second week of December, the end of the fall semester, VA was still receiving 1,500 to 2,000 certificates of enrollment a day for students who had been attending schools since August, he said. In fact, some are still trickling in to VA.

"We learned a lot. We learned we had to talk to 6,500 schools and say, 'We have got to do better,'" Shinseki said. "We needed to work with them and explain to them that 'Whether you think it is important or not, the veteran doesn't get paid until you send us this certificate of enrollment.' So for the veteran's sake, we need to do better."

Shinseki credited the VA staff with stepping up to the plate, contacting schools directly to solicit those enrollment certificates, then going into overdrive to manually process thousands of certificates a day. He convened a late-night meeting in November, bringing together the education directors from VA's regional offices to come up with ways to further speed up the processing.

"We took out steps that were redundant," he said. "In the process, we have simplified and reengineered the business process. ... We have worked the bugs out of an imperfect system."

By the end of the fall semester, he said, all 173,000 enrollees were being paid through this new process.

As of Feb. 1, 131,000 of the 153,000 students enrolled in the system were being paid, and VA was "knocking down" the remaining certificates at the rate of about 7,000 a day, he noted.

"So I feel pretty good about how this is going," Shinseki said. "Our numbers are up and our payments are up, and we still don’t have an automated tool."

The first of those new tools is set to come online this month, with more capabilities to follow in July, November and December. By the year's end, Shinseki said, the system will be fully automated.

"I think we are on a good track," he said. "Now, when automation comes, we are going to have a tremendous gain."

Shinseki said he's counting on lessons learned implementing the Post-9/11 GI Bill to carry over as VA tackles its major challenge this year: reducing the disability claims backlog.

Shinseki called the Post 9/11 GI Bill a generous investment in the future of veterans who have served the country in uniform since 9/11.

"I feel good about the GI Bill. That is an accomplishment," he said. "I think that, long-term, this is going to be a huge return for the country. And it is a huge step for [veterans] and their lives."

The Post-9/11 GI Bill provides veterans seeking an undergraduate degree a full ride at any state institution at the highest in-state tuition rate, by state, along with a semester stipend for books and a monthly living stipend.

For the first time in history, servicemembers enrolled in the Post-9/11 GI Bill program can transfer unused educational benefits to their spouses or children.

The living stipend does not extend to active-duty servicemembers receiving Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits.


Navy Tuition Assistance Transactions Shift to 100% WebTA

By Susan Lawson, Center for Personal and Professional Development Public Affairs

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (NNS) -- All Navy Tuition Assistance (TA) transactions will soon shift to an entirely online process accessible through the Navy College Program Web site's WebTA portal. Sailors applying for tuition assistance will be required to use WebTA to process all applications beginning April 15.

"WebTA allows Sailors to complete all steps in the tuition assistance and education planning process online," said Mary Redd-Clary, the Navy's Voluntary Education (VOLED) program director. "In the past, Sailors could start the TA application process, but were then required to circulate a printed copy for review and approval through the chain of command. Now, Sailors and Marines can complete the entire process virtually, and the final step is the paper-based submission, in person or via fax, to one of the Navy's 52 Navy College Offices (NCO) for delivery to the school," said Redd-Clary.

The WebTA application must be approved by the commanding officer or authorized command delegate. "We recommend developing an internal command review process, as that process will ensure all management controls for Sailors TA requirements are met. These requirements, such as completion of warfare qualifications, should all be reviewed prior to the commanding officer's final approval," said Redd-Clary.

In addition to TA application processing through WebTA, the NCP site includes tools required for Sailors to develop an interactive education plan with direct support from NCO counselors. The site also provides Sailors and counselors access to Sailor/Marine Ace Registry Transcript (SMART) records.

Sailors can also search degree plans based on their ratings. These degree plans are offered through partner schools from the Navy College Program Distance Learning Partnership (NCPDLP).

"WebTA also offers commands an opportunity to provide more timely and interactive support of their Sailors as they work to identify their professional and academic pursuits," said Redd-Clary.

For more information about the Navy College Program, visit https://www.navycollege.navy.mil/. For more news from Center for Personal and Professional Development, visit www.navy.mil/local/voledpao/.


Army donates computers to educate children on unexploded ordnance

Joseph Bonfiglio

FORT SHAFTER, Hawaii (April 9, 2010) -- Sen. Daniel K. Inouye, other veterans and officials from the Army visited students on the Waianae Coast April 1, to see first-hand how they are using computers donated by the Army to increase their safety and knowledge about unexploded ordnance.

Ka Waihona Principal Alvin Parker thanked Sen. Inouye and the Army and took the visiting party to a social studies class where the students were studying the Holocaust using their new computers. According to Sen. Inouye, these two events brought together the local community and the Army community in the concept of Ohana and Laulima. (Ohana means family and Laulima means working together.)

"This morning I looked at two projects, the result of Ohana and Laulima," Inouye said. "This is where the military, the Corps of Engineers, the community, the Hawaiian organizations, all got together and this is the result. We have students here who will be able to compete with the finest in the land."

The background of the program is that in fiscal year 2009, the U.S. Army Garrison Hawaii received $850,000 to implement a UXO Safety Awareness Program for 11 Leeward Oahu Schools and two Big Island Schools. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Honolulu District, in turn supports the garrison and the local community by providing safety awareness and helping to educate children who could be exposed to UXO. In order to best do this, the District contracted Native Hawaiian Veterans, to launch a public safety/outreach program for Oahu and the Big Island.

The unexploded ordnance safety awareness training computer program has a primary audience of students from kindergarten to 12th grade and has put 370 new laptop computers into DOE and charter schools between September 2009 and February 2010. The interactive UXO Safety Awareness materials installed on the laptop computers provide short UXO Safety questions and answers called "Fun Facts" as part of the computer log-in process. So far, 58 different "Fun Facts" screens have been added into the system. The Fun Facts are drawn randomly from a central Web site each time a student turns on the computer and starts the log-in process.


Job Fairs

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Hot jobs

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Transportation Safety Administration (TSA)

Securing Travel. Protecting People.

At the Transportation Security Administration, you can make a world of difference to the traveling public. We serve them in a high-stakes environment to safeguard the American way of life. In cities across the country, we secure airports, seaports, railroads, highways and public transit systems. We protect our transportation infrastructure from terrorist attack and ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce. It’s an imperative mission for the nation and an important career opportunity for you.

Careers at Transportation Security Administration

At the Transportation Security Administration, you’ll protect our nation’s transportation infrastructure from attack and ensure freedom of movement for people and commerce.

Transportation Security Officers -
Be part of a dynamic security team protecting airports as you proudly secure your future. An authoritative, independent attitude and the ability to communicate effectively with others are keys to success in this position.

Federal Air Marshal Service -
Become an armed Federal law enforcement officer on passenger flights worldwide. Protect passengers and crew against the risk of criminal and terrorist violence, and participate in land-based investigative assignments.

Management, Administrative, Professional -
Protect the nation as an Attorney, Financial Specialist, Speech Writer, Administrative Professional, Program Manager, Technology Specialist, Bomb Appraisal Officer, HR Specialist or in another vital position.

Discover the Benefits of Serving America -
You’ll receive competitive compensation and all Federal benefits, including a variety of health insurance options, life and long-term care insurance, paid time off, flexible spending account, retirement plan, flexible work schedules, career development and enrichment training, employee recognition program and more.

Please apply online: https://tsajobs.tsa.dhs.gov or call 1.877.872.7990.



Ever Vigilant

provides professional services and IT solutions needed to prevail in the defense, intelligence, homeland security, and federal civilian government arenas. We deliver enterprise IT and network services; data, information, and knowledge management services; business system solutions; logistics and material readiness; C4ISR integration services; cyber solutions; integrated security and intelligence solutions; and program management and SETA support services. CACI services and solutions help our federal clients provide for national security, improve communications and collaboration, secure the integrity of information systems and networks, enhance data collection and analysis, and increase efficiency and mission effectiveness. CACI is a member of the Fortune 1000 Largest Companies and the Russell 2000 index. CACI provides dynamic careers for approximately 12,700 employees working in over 120 offices in the U.S. and Europe. For more information Click Here


L-3 Intelligence Solutions is a division of L-3 Services, Inc.

Intelligence Solutions has a two-decade track record of providing cutting-edge solutions and is a leader in all source intelligence support, information management, operations and security. Intelligence Solutions provides national and defense intelligence agencies and the Department of Defense's agencies, commands, and uniformed services with analysis, information solutions and systems support. Among the services Intelligence Solutions delivers are deployed Advanced Information Systems, HUMINT services, analytical services, special logistical services, mission-critical processes and systems engineering and training. The organization also provides and supports advanced concepts, research and development and state-of-the-art intelligence systems production. Using real-world experience and emerging technologies, Intelligence Solutions builds today's solutions for tomorrow's needs. Field combat units and national planners at all levels have access to the same operational, actionable picture through our proven, technologically advanced designs.

For more information, click here.


EG&G Technical Services, Inc.

Do the Best Work of Your Life! URS is the top Engineering and one of the top Defense firms in the United States!

EG&G Technical Services, Inc. and Lear Siegler Services, Inc.(both divisions of URS) consolidated to become one of the nation's leading U.S. federal government contractors providing operations and maintenance, systems engineering and technical assistance, and program management, primarily to the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security.

We are currently looking for Engineers, Logistics Analyst, Technicians, Aircraft Mechanics, Program Managers, Acquisition Analyst and more! We have opportunities in the US as well as overseas!

If you want to join a team of dedicated professionals who are among the best in their field, in a diverse work environment that fosters integrity and trust, then take some time to explore URS Corporation career possibilities. To learn more about URS Corporation, please visit our Web site at www.urscorp.com


Central Intelligence Agency – National Clandestine Service Center

You can make a world of difference.

Be a part of a mission that's larger than all of us. The CIA's National Clandestine Service seeks qualified applicants to serve our country's mission abroad. Our careers offer rewarding, fast-paced, and high impact challenges in intelligence collection on issues of critical importance to US national security. Applicants should possess a high degree of personal integrity, professional backgrounds. Do you want to make a difference for your country? Are you ready for a challenge?

All applicants for National Clandestine Service positions must successfully undergo several personal interviews, medical and psychological exams, aptitude testing, a polygraph interview, and a background investigation. Following entry on duty, candidates will undergo extensive training. US citizenship required. An equal opportunity employer and a drug-free work force.

For more information and to apply, visit: www.cia.gov


Oracle Corporation

Excel with Excellence.

At Oracle, we're no strangers to pushing our limits. We've been first in class in an array of industry leading enterprise solutions, including being the first software company to develop and deploy 100 percent internet-enabled enterprise software across our entire product line. In fact, pushing the limits of our innovative solutions is an every day goal. Here, you'll be challenged by the excitement of creating leading-edge technologies and applications while enjoying the support and stability of and established leader.

To learn more about Oracle Corporation please visit: http://www.oracle.com/careers


IMI Components, LTD.

IMI Components Ltd has a unique skill set which allows us to successfully undertake complex and demanding projects for our customers as well as providing a high quality source for medium to high volume component supply. In machining terms, IMI specializes in precision CNC machining of components in specialist alloys, aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steels. For aluminum pipe work, IMI specializes in precision bending, machining and forming of aluminum tube from 8mm to 168mm diameter. IMI can clearly demonstrate a long term record of 0ppm failures on quality and delivery. We are currently looking for Welding Technicians, Welding Inspectors, Pipe Fitters, and General Operatives. For more information click here



Software Engineering / Systems Engineering

Challenge yourself, develop your skills AND relax your life. Raytheon is recognized as a company that provides you with an ideal work/life balance. What better place to manage your career and your personal interest than State College, Pa. Ranked as one of the least stressful cities in America, with four seasons of outdoor activities, State College is the perfect place to pursue your goals.

Software Engineers

We seek experienced software engineers looking for a challenging career using today's leading edge technologies. Perform full life cycle software development of data exploitation/dissemination and real-time signal collection/processing systems. Senior engineers support proposal activities, define architectures and lead software development tasks. Junior-level engineers support design, code and test of software requirements.

Systems Engineers

Define architectures and requirements for leading edge systems, provide technical leadership in new business development and proposals and integrate sophisticated technologies and products. Use your knowledge of systems engineering processes and methodologies, including object oriented as well as conventional systems design .techniques to solve complex technical .problems. Provide leadership in a wide range of technologies.

Learn more by clicking here!


Fresenius Medical Care

Discover the difference between a job a real job satisfaction

For the Dialysis Nurse, Fresenius Medical Care presents a word of options and avenues to pursue. Explore a great organization with over 1,800 clinics across the country. No matter where you live, no matter where you are in your career, at Fresenius you have a career that offers opportunity, flexibility and growth.

To learn more about Fresenius Medical Care and current RN opportunities, please visit www.fmcnacareers.com



Imagine a career where the professional rewards are measured by the lives you touch.

Laboratory Corporation of America® Holdings (LabCorp), an S & P 500 company, is a pioneer in commercializing new diagnostic technologies and the first in its industry to embrace genomic testing. With more than 26,000 employees nationwide, and more than 220,000 clients, LabCorp offers clinical assays, ranging from routine blood analyses to HIV and genomic testing.

At LabCorp, we understand what's important - it's the people whose lives we help improve that matter most. We connect our company and our people in ways that few companies can. Each day, our team members have an opportunity to build rewarding careers and experience the satisfaction of knowing the work they do helps save lives.

We invite you to connect to LabCorp. From medicine to management and sales to service, when you connect to LabCorp, you connect to something amazing.

Click Here to connect to LabCorp. Here you can register to receive updates on the latest happenings and explore future opportunities available at LabCorp.

Connect to Something Amazing



WellPoint as an organization is highly focused on living our mission and honoring our commitments. From innovative products that help reduce the ranks of the uninsured and underinsured, to the comprehensive benefits we offer our associates, everything we do is aimed at creating positive outcomes for the people and communities we serve.

As the nations largest publicly traded commercial health benefits company, we're honored to have the opportunity to impact so many lives. More than 35 million members rely on us every day to be leaders, advocates and innovators in the call to improve health, quality of care and value to our members.

And every day, nearly 42,000 WellPoint associates answer that call, with a dedication to service and integrity that has made WellPoint synonymous with success.

We believe in the power of diversity, the role it plays in creating a culture of distinction and the impact it has on improving our member and provider service satisfaction, our associate and consumer engagement and, ultimately, a brighter future.

We invite you to explore our site, www.wellpointdiversity.com, to learn more and to experience for yourself the power of our shared vision in action.


SRA International, Inc.

SRA is dedicated to solving complex problems of global significance for clients in national security, civil government and global health. With three decades serving these clients, SRA delivers the expert knowledge, technical tools and trusted solutions for missions that matter – to us, our clients and the world.

We design, develop, integrate and implement large and complex systems for defense and military service organizations. We support federal civil agencies with comprehensive professional and IT consulting services and enterprise-wide infrastructure support. And, we provide health consulting services for global clients, both public and private

To see our current opportunities, Click Here


Kaiser Permanente

At Kaiser Permanente, we work together as family to do what's right for our patients. If you'd like to contribute your skills to an environment built on teamwork and support, come to Kaiser Permanente. Visit jobs.kp.org for more information


Prudential Financial, Inc.

Prudential Financial, Inc. is a multinational financial services leader with operations in the United States, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. Leveraging its heritage of life insurance and asset management expertise, Prudential is focused on helping individual and institutional customers grow and protect their wealth. The company's well-known Rock symbol is an icon of strength, stability, expertise and innovation that has stood the test of time. Prudential's businesses offer a variety of products and services, including life insurance, annuities, retirement-related services, mutual funds, asset management, and real estate services. For more information, please visit www.prudential.com.


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