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Success during your transition is the result of an honest self-assessment, developing sound financial and career planning objectives, aggressively pursuing your job search strategies and a little hard work!

Title:Responding to Job Offers

Author:Robert Lindsey. All rights reserved.

Responding to Job Offers:

All the hard work finally paid off, and you now have an offer of employment! What do you do? Savor the moment and reward yourself - you deserve it! But you still have an important decision to make. Do you accept or reject the offer? Evaluating job offers is not easy. The decision you make is an important one to your future. Here's a simple quiz that might help. Answer the following questions with a plus one, minus one, or zero (if it doesn't apply). There is no set score that can tell you what to do, but beware of minus scores and question those below five points.

Should I Accept the Offer?

  • Is the position interesting and challenging?
  • Is there a realistic opportunity for advancement?
  • Will this position result in significant promotions?
  • Will it help broaden my experience and build a sound career?
  • Is the salary offer satisfactory?
  • Will the offered salary be satisfactory three years from now?
  • Is the geographical location satisfactory to me and my family?
  • Are community, cultural, and religious facilities available?
  • Will I get along with the people with whom I'll be working?
  • Will I want to work for this company five years from now?
  • Do I know what happened to my predecessors?
  • Is this a growth industry?
  • Is this an expanding, competitive company?
  • Has the company had a stable owner and/or management team?
  • Do the company's management policies seem reasonable?
  • Can I contribute to the company's net worth in this position?
  • Does the position seem well planned and supported?
  • Are there any negative factors or problems similar to any I might have in my current position?
  • How good is my bargaining position?
  • Is the company really sold on me, or just taking a chance?

Acceptance & Rejection Actions:

Take prompt action. If you elect to accept the offer, understand all its details. Be certain that the:

  • Initial assignment, location and salary are satisfactory,
  • Starting date is clearly understood, and
  • Opportunity offers future growth potential.

Write a letter or email of acceptance, referring to the offer letter, outlining the terms of employment and restating the agreed upon conditions. Confirm the starting date. Express you appreciation, pleasure and excitement at joining the company. Next, write letters or emails refusing all other offers you may have. Do this with care and tact. Be positive and considerate in rejecting any other offers. Don't burn any bridges - you may want to seek employment with these employers in the future! Then stop interviewing: it's unprofessional to keep seeking a better offer. Make up your mind and stick to your decision. Congratulations, you've made the transition!

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