Dedicated Hiring Alert Specs

Veteran's Job Center Dedicated Hiring Alert Email Campaigns gets your message directly to the jobseeker

A Veteran's Job Center Dedicated Hiring Alert Email Campaign our opt-in subscribers. You design the graphics and text (see specs and examples below), and we'll do the rest.

Text or HTML?

With Veteran's Job Center, you don't have to decide. We automatically create a text version of your graphics rich email, to send to recipients who don't accept HTML emails. This way, your message gets to more people.

Email Advertising Specifications
  • 30k
  • HTML or text
  • jpg, gif, png
  • 740 pixels maximum
  • 850 pixels maximum
  • Any wider or taller creative and the receiving email client may reject the message size
  • Tables only, no CSS based layout, please
  • When providing a format that can be seen across many email providers and clients, you need the lowest common denominator. Not all email clients support or accept CSS based layouts. However, all email clients which accept HTML support basic TABLE tags.
  • 10 point
  • HTML and CSS should be coded by hand to ensure quality
  • Javascript, forms, frames, OBJECT tags are not supported in email
  • Keep text and images separate for editing purposes

Specifications for Veteran's Job Center email campaigns valid as of August, 2012. Email campaign specifications are subject to periodic review. Check with Veteran's Job Center prior to submittal for any revisions.

Dedicated Hiring Alert Email Campaign Examples

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