Troops to Teachers


The purpose of Troops to Teachers is to assist eligible military personnel to transition to a new career as public school teachers in schools serving students from low-income families.

  1. Eligibility for Referral and Placement Assistance

    Referral and Placement Assistance includes the following services:

    • Access to our State Offices for counseling relative to becoming a certified teacher and for placement assistance
    • Participation in the job referral process via the Internet
    • Opportunity to post a mini-resume made available to school district recruiters
    • Use of the TTT Electronic Bulletin Board where participants can post teaching related messages
    • Use of the MENTOR Connection to contact TTT participants who are teaching for hints about transitioning to teaching as a second career

    Those eligible for elementary and secondary teacher Referral and Placement Assistance Services must meet the following criteria:

    • Service Requirements: Active duty personnel, who retire or separate with six or more years of service on or after October 1, 1990, - or - current members of the Reserve or Guard with six or more years of creditable service towards retirement. The last period of service must be honorable. Those selected to participate in the Program before retirement, separation, or release from active duty may continue to participate only if the last period of service is characterized as honorable.
    • Educational Requirements: Must hold a Baccalaureate or advanced degree from an accredited institution at the time of registration for academic teacher referral - or - have the equivalent of one year of college with six years of experience in a vocational or technical field for vocational/technical teacher referral.
  2. Eligibility for Financial Assistance

    Pending availability of funds, financial assistance may be provided to eligible individuals in the form of either (A) a stipend of up to $5K for teacher certification expenses for which individuals must teach for three years in a school located in a “high-need” district; or (B) a bonus of $10K to teach in a school serving a high percentage of students from low income families.

Active Duty     Reserve Component
AD-1. Retired from active duty. RC-1. Retired from the Selected Reserve.
AD-2. Active duty member with approved date of retirement with one year or less remaining before retirement. RC-2. Currently serving in the Selected Reserve with 10 or more years of creditable service towards retirement and commit to serving an additional three years, or until eligible for retirement.
AD-3. Separated on or after January 8, 2002 for physical disability. Must apply within four years after separation. RC-3. Separated from the Selected Reserve due to a physical disability on or after January 8, 2002. Must apply within four years after separation.
AD-4. Involuntarily discharged from active duty between October 1, 1990 and September 30, 1999 due to a Reduction In Force (RIF) and had six or more years of continuous active duty. Must apply by September 30, 2003. RC-4. Individuals transitioning from active duty on or after January 8, 2002, and have served six years on active duty immediately before separation, and commit to three years with a Selected Reserve unit. Must apply within four years after separation. Revised 05/27/03.


For more information about Troops-to-Teachers, write or call:

Troops to Teachers
DANTES, Code 02
6490 Saufley Field Rd.
Pensacola, FL 32509-5243
Toll Free: 1-800-231-6242
DSN: 922-1320
Fax: (850) 452-1096
Home Page: TTT Home Page

For a listing of State Troops to Teachers Support Offices, call DANTES, or click here.

Overseas Points of Contact

Ms. Marti Readel
Army Education Center
Tompkins Barracks
Unit 29056
APO AE 09081
Voice (DSN): 379-6008
(Comm): 011-49-6202-80-6008
Fax (DSN): 379-6473
(Comm): 011-49-6202-80-6473

Mr. William McAleer
DANTES Far East Field Office
PSC 450 Box 738
APO AP 96206-0738
Phone: (808) 449-8862
Voice (DSN): 725-5581
Fax (DSN): 725-5582

This document is for information only and was copied from the official Troops to Teachers Home Page. Laws and policies in effect at the time of application will be used in selection of participants.


In December 2001, Congress passed two important pieces of legislation for the Troops to Teachers program. The "No Child Left Behind Act" authorizes financial assistance to retiring military personnel, military personnel with six years of active service immediately prior to joining the Guard or Reserve for three years, or member of Reserve or Guard who have ten or more years of active and/or reserve time. Educational qualifications require individuals to have a baccalaureate degree to teach academic subjects or a minimum of one year of college for those with vocational/technical skills. The Education Appropriations bill, part of H.R. 3061, provides $18M for financial assistance and to maintain the network of Troops to Teachers state offices. The President is expected to sign these bills into law early in 2002. Policies and guidelines are being developed outlining specific eligibility criteria and procedures.

Under the President's original budget request, the program would begin paying participants up to $5,000 to help cover the costs of a teacher certification program, according to White House officials. Some participants would also receive a $10,000 bonus if they accept a job in a "high-needs" school district, such as in a very rural area or an inner-city school. Those receiving either financial benefit would then be obligated to teach for at least three to four years, they said.

Additional information will be posted as soon as it is available. If you have any questions, call the DOD Troops-to-Teachers program at 1-800-231-6242, or e-mail

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